Lego Education Spike Essential: Updated 2023

In this article, we will learn about Lego Education Spike Essential. Lego is a toy company that designs special types of blocks for developing minds.

Lego is taken from the Danish phrase “play well.” Lego is making toys specially designed to cater to the needs of early childhood development.

Legos are building blocks made of plastic. They have gained hype since the mid-20th century and are still a hot choice for early childhood educationists and parents as well. Lego Educational Spike Essential is designed to cater to the needs of developing minds. Let’s discover

What is Lego Education Spike Essential?

Lego Education Spike Essential is designed especially based on STEAM  learning and coding understanding. Lego Education Spike Essential is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning.

 This is designed for students to learn and investigate by doing hands-on practice and investigation. This helps them understand various concepts of computers, engineering, and technology. They will also learn social, emotional, literary, and math skills with practical usage.

Lego Education Spike is specially designed by experts to fulfil all the needs of STEAM learning and get the required outcomes. This is the most innovative technology of this century to achieve the learning goals of developing children while they are just playing.

Overview of Lego Education Spike Essential

Lego Education Spike Essential is designed to focus on educating children of 6 or 6+ years of age. It is for children in grades 1-5. Its price is $275 for 449 pieces. It consists of a storage tub, tray, and box for spare parts; 1 intelligent hub; 2 small motors; 1 light matrix; and 1 color sensor. A rechargeable battery

Benefits of using Lego Education Spike Essential in the Classroom

In the 21st century, educational techniques and learning strategies have evolved. Now the complete focus is on activity-based learning.

This enables children to learn while playing and helps in developing motor skills, cognitive skills, and speaking skills as well. Lego Education is designed for hands-on learning involving the students and making them use their brains and senses. 

Lego education is created to promote critical thinking and problem-solving in young minds, making them more capable and keen observers in their practical lives in the future. Lego enhances the thinking and creative capability of the students at an early age.

Importance of Hands On Learning and STEAM Education

In olden times memorization and rot learning techniques was used. This technique makes learning boring and needs to be able to unveil the real potential of the children. Every person is born with different abilities as a gift from nature. There is a need to simply take out the real talent from the developing minds, as they don’t know their potential.

Hand-on learning involves students and helps them to gain knowledge from practical things. It promotes critical thinking and lets them think to solve difficult problems by themselves.

It improves physical coordination using all five senses. Hands-on learning improves social skills, increases motivation, and makes learning enjoyable.

STEAM means science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. In this learning system, problem-solving methods using the creativity and thinking capability of the child are used.

STEAM focuses on all-rounded learning of science, logic, visual, language, and physical arts.

Components of Lego Education: Spike Essential

The main components of the Lego Education Spike Essential consist of a 449-piece set and have 4 different figures and their unique character. These characters help students to make it relatable to their routine life and make a story.

Word-based Icon blocks coding with simple hardware have an intelligent 2 port hub, 2 small motors, 1 light matrix, and also a sensor for color. These Lego blocks help students to build and relate them with the real-life making story.

This set has a selection of colorful blocks for different age groups, replacement elements, and a beautiful storage tub separated with trays to place the different color blocks and make the Lego building easy.

Lego Education Spike Essential has five different units, each lasting about 45 minutes. Designed to support the STEAM learning system. Every Lego lesson is a comprehensive design of online lesson plans with language art and math extensions.

Lego provides proper guiding videos for teachers. This helps teachers to learn the proper building and equip them with confidence for STEAM teaching.

Following are the complete details of the Lego components.

In Lego Education Spike Essential, there are four characters with unique identities that help children learn problem-solving and social and emotional behavior.

  • It is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a micro USB charging port.
  • It has two small motors, a color sensor, a 3×3 color light matrix, and an intelligent hub with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The Spike app helps the students feature the right icon and other skills with the help of Lego.
  •  Lesson Plans and Resources for the Teachers
  • Lego provides 5 units (8×45 minutes) of especially designed lesson plans that practically implement STEAM learning and provide effective teaching.
  • Detailed and elaborated teaching plans for each lesson give the teacher confidence and help her engage students and achieve the learning goal.
  • Teachers can engage students and improve their language and storytelling skills with the help of Lego.


Lego Education Spike Essential is specially designed to cater to the needs of developing minds. STEAM learning helps students develop their skills in various ways.

The STEAM learning system focuses on rounded, hands-on implementation of the acquired knowledge. Lego education not only caters to the needs of children but also provides proper guidance and support for the educationists as well. We can say Lego Education Spike is the best way to learn while they are just playing.

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